Web Design by Pat Boyd
  Creating websites for individuals and small businesses  
When you view a website on your computer
you see only the tip of the iceberg
  In preparation for having a website, there are many things for you to think about:
Location We must know where your website will reside on the World Wide Web.
of Do you know where it will be located?
  Who is your ISP?  (Internet Service Provider e.g. Cox, Time Warner, ATT)
  What is your e-mail address?  (yourchosenname@providername. net or .com or .org)
  With your account, are you allowed space for a website? 
  How much space?  (e.g. 10MB or 2GB)
  What are the rules?
  If you don't have any of the above, it is possible to get space for free (e.g. on Yahoo).
  The downside of free space is that your info is surrounded by advertisements--
  which many people find distracting and annoying.
  Sometimes, you can join an existing site of a common interest (e.g. Art Places), by paying fees to the site owner.
  Another free option for getting yourself on the web is to use a blog (Blogger.com or WordPress.com)
  There are some inexpensive web hosting sites--to whom you pay a fee for renting web space--which usually include one or more e-mail names. 
  and they offer free templates for you to use to create web pages for yourself.
Domain Name A domain name of your choice (yourchosenname.com or .net or .org) can be purchased for about $10.00 to $12/year.
Objectives Why do you want a website?
of What are you trying to accomplish with your web pages?  (mission statement)
Website What are your goals and objectives?
  Who do you want to view your web pages?  (target audience)
  Do you want to sell anything through your website?  A few items or lots of items?
  If so, do you know how you will handle buy/sell transactions and the exchange of money?
  Example of Objective:
  Lola Juris wanted a website to display photographic images of her watercolor paintings to prospective buyers.
  Site to include photos of paintings, with sizes and prices, contact info, location, etc.
  Also include photo of artist, bio, philosophy of painting, and lists of organizations, etc.
  Resulting website:  "Watercolor Paintings by Lola Juris" at www.LolaJuris.com
Appearance Do you have a vision of what you want your website to look like?  (site design)
of The possibilities for colors, styles, organization, etc. are nearly limitless.
Website Do you have a color scheme in mind?  If so, why do you want to use those colors?
  (I was using warm colors for this site until I decided to use the images of the iceberg and planet earth.)
  Have you noticed an existing site and thought, "I would like a web page similar to this one?"
  What is the URL of one or more websites you liked and thought a similar site would be appropriate for your website?
  What aspects of those sites do you like and dislike?
  What tone do you want to represent you (or your business)?
  E.g. formal, serious, businesslike, straightforward, casual, warm, lighthearted, humorous, silly, elegant...
Preparation Will your site include photos and other graphics?
of Do you have a logo?
Elements In what form are your images?
for (e.g. photos on paper that need to be scanned, or digital photos on a disk, or ?)
Web Pages In what format?  (e.g. TIFF, GIF, JPEG)
  What needs to be done to get those images web-ready?
  (E.g. do photos need to be modified/enhanced, i.e. color adjusted, brightness, contrast, resized, etc.?)
  If so, the best format to start with would be digital photos in TIFF format, or large JPEG files.
  Can you provide good quality photos, or do you need a photographer?
  Robert Boyd may be available as photographer if your location is near Temecula or Vista, CA, (or near Oconomowoc, WI, sometimes.)
  Example of Preparation:
  Lola Juris (1)had a photographer photograph her paintings, and
  (2) process those into slides (because juried shows and some galleries still use slides to view prospective artwork.)
  (3) Lola had the slides translated to a disk as large TIFF or JPEG files.
  (4) Then each image needed to be straightened, cropped, adjusted for brightness, and contrast, and adjusted for color to more closely match the color of the original painting, then (5) resized and saved for the web in JPEG format (all of which Bob Boyd and I do using Photoshop Elements).
Designing Who is going to design your website?
Your Can you do it yourself, or do you need to hire someone to do it for you?
Website Your answer depends on how computer savvy you are,
  whether or not you have the time and skills, how much money you are willing to invest, etc.
  If you feel you have a tight budget, you can probably find a web hosting site with ready-made templates to enter your info into.
  (I personally am never satisfied with templates because they never seem to be just right for my needs.)
  Assuming you are unable to create your own website, or you know that your time is best spent doing what you do best, how much money are you willing to spend for website development?
  How important is quality?
  Does close count?
  Or do you want a web designer who is a bit obsessive-compulsive perfectionistic...
Timeline Do you need to have your site up and running by a certain date,
  or is the timeline flexible?
Maintaining How often will your website need to be updated?
  What types of changes need to be made?
Thinking I have given you much to think about to help you prepare for having your own website.
Deciding If you are ready to proceed, and would like to hire me to design your website,
  this is how I see the next steps:
Design Fees 1.  Read about my design fees, and if you are comfortable with all that:
Application 2.  Fill out the Application so that both you and I are clear about what we are attempting to accomplish.
  3.  Submit the application to me.
  4.  I will read what you have written and will contact you.
  5.  Together we will discuss plans for your site, and will decide what the next steps will be.
  To view examples of modifying/enhancing photographic images, click on Pat's Art  
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