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  Creating websites for individuals and small businesses  


Instructions:  "Select" all the questions below (and these instructions if you wish) (but not the headings above nor footers).  Choose "Copy".  Click on vistapat@att.net which should open a new email in your email program.  "Paste" the questions into the body of the new email message.  Answer all the questions and "Send" them to me.  (You may want to print out a copy for yourself to use as we discuss your project over the phone--leave extra space after most questions for notes.)

Thank you for completing this form.  If you have any problems with this process, call me at 951-302-2742.  Best times to call me are 9 am to 2 pm weekdays or 7 pm to 9 pm any evening.

--Pat Boyd


Application for Web Design by Pat Boyd

1.  What is your name?

2.  What is your Email address?

3.  Do you know where your website will reside on the World Wide Web?

4.  Who is your Internet Service Provider?

5.  With your account, are you allowed space for a website?  If so, how much space?

6.  Why do you want a website?  What are your objectives?  Who do you want to view your pages?

7.  Do you want to sell anything through your website?  If so, what?  How many items?

8.  If you are selling things, do you know how you will handle buy/sell transactions?  Please explain.

9.  What is the URL of one or more websites you've seen and thought is similar to what you want?  And what did you like and dislike about each?

10.  Do you have a color scheme in mind?  If so, what and why?

11.  What tone do you want to convey?  And what else do you want me to know about your vision for your site?

12.  Do you have a logo?  If you have a logo, I need to see it.  If not, do you want/need one?

13.  Will your site include photos and other graphics?  If so, in what form are your images?  What needs to be done to get them web-ready?  Do you need a photographer to do a photo shoot?

14.  Do you need to have your website up and running by a certain date, or is your timeline flexible?

15.  Have you read about my fees and services and looked at the sample invoice so that you could get some idea about cost?  Is there anything you would like me to know about your budget for your website?

16.  When I have reviewed the information that you are submitting via this form, I will contact you.  What is your phone number(s)?

17.  What times are best to call you?

18.  What times should I avoid calling you?

19.  Is there anything else you want me to know?



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