Web Design by Pat Boyd
  Creating websites for individuals and small businesses  
FAQ: How much would you charge to make a website for me?
A: That depends on how much work is involved and how long it takes.
Your Cost will consist of:
1)  Standard Base Charge = $100
2)  + time spent working on your project x $20/hr
     (In addition to constructing your website, time spent could include helping you purchase a domain name,
      or transfer the domain name, or URL forward it.
       If you already purchased webspace on a webhost, I may spend time learning how to work with that host.
      Time spent might include communication via email or phone re your project.)
3)  + charges for any additional services
4)  + reimbursement for expenses
  Click here to view a sample invoice.
Q: What does the Standard Base Charge cover?
A: A)  Initial Consultation (In which you and I discuss your objectives & all the information you entered on the Application.)
B)  Knowledge  (I have spent many, many, many, many hours learning, and the learning continues.)
C)  Equipment  (Maintenance of software and hardware needed for the process.)
Q: What are possible additional services?
A: You may ask Bob Boyd to design a logo or a business card for you.
You may ask Bob Boyd to do a photo shoot for you.
You may ask me to help you set up a PayPal account.
You may ask me to help you order business cards online.
Q: Regarding # 4 above, what are some examples of expenses to be reimbursed?
A: Mileage, materials, printing costs, shipping costs, etc. 
E. g. Bob Boyd drives to your location for a photo shoot. (mileage)
You ask Bob to have some of those photos printed and then mail them to you. (cost of photo processing and mailing)
Or you want numerous photos saved on a memory stick, and Bob buys the memory stick.  (you reimburse him)
I order business cards online for you, which will be sent to your address, and pay with my credit card. (you reimburse me)
Q: Do you require a down payment, or do I pay you when the website is finished and on the internet?
A: After I have completed the "first draft" of the website, and you and I have reviewed it, and you have approved it, I will ask you for a partial payment.
Q: What form of payment?
A: Check or credit card.  We have a PayPal account which enables us to send an invoice to you via email.  While you are viewing it on your computer, you click a link to PayPal, and enter your credit card account #, and submit the payment, and that $ amount immediately goes into our PayPal account.
Q: What do you charge for making changes to the website?
A: I charge $20/hour for Site Maintenance.
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